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Fossflakes Chiropractic
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Fossflakes Chiropractic


Ergonomically engineered


The Chiropractic Pillow is carefully designed to be both so soft and so flexible that the pillow supports you neck while reminding you of your favourite and most beloved pillow.

The support pillow has been developed by chiropractor couple Karina and Peter Gyrst. In their clinic the Gyrsts have seen numerous examples of tensions arising from incorrect sleeping positions. Their combined experience has been turned into the Chiropractic Pillow, whose special construction featuring marked incisions enhances the pillow’s ergonomic shape and gives it its supportive properties.

As part of your body’s temperature regulation mechanism, your skin is always moist. Your head also gives off a lot of heat and perspiration which must be wicked away if you are to stay comfortable. The Fossflakes filling absorbs moisture and heat.


Size: 34 x 60 cm

Filling Weight: 520 g (Small), 535 g (Medium), 550 g (Large)

(Pillow Case Included)

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