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Fossflakes All Season Duvet
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Fossflakes All Season Duvet


Perfect for Nordic Sleep for all year around


A cool all-year duvet to keep you comfortable all night. Retains its volume year after year. Re-fluffable and without lumps.


Loosening up, new leaves of pale, translucent green - in the Nordic countries spring is the mild, soft season, bringing with it a sense of liberation everywhere. Temperatures go up and warm breezes are felt through the open windows.

The Fossflakes Duvet drapes effortlessly around your body while you sleep and keeps a comfortable temperature throughout the night. Air-pockets in the filling material ensure that the duvet stays warm, but not unpleasantly so.

The filling is a blend of small, light Fossflakes and polyester ball fibres. This blend ensures a duvet that retains its volume year after year. The ticking is made of 100% cotton cambric with tightly woven, smooth surface.


Size (Filling Weight)
Single   155 x 220 cm   (900 g)
Double  180 x 228 cm (1125 g)
Queen  205 x 228 cm  (1275 g)
King     250 x 225 cm  (1550 g)



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